Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Economy Village

 Saturday was our annual trip to Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. The last Saturday of every September is the festival of Erntefest in the village. They have tours and demonstrate life in the 1800s. Lots of food, fun, and frivolity. Yeah... I was searching for that last F*.

Sebastian learned how to make giant soap bubbles with string.

Even the local wildlife were enjoying the day and each other's company.

The girls found new, err OLD, ways to keep their little brother from running off. The ropes had been made a few minutes earlier.

Sebastian helped with the apple press for yummy fresh cider.


Jinxie said...

How fun is THAT?!!!!!! Wow!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Any girls who can fashion their own rops to wrangle a wayward toddler are going to do very well in life.

I think that skill could go on a resume.

Love this blog ♥

Joanne said...

Thank you so much!

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