Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 days...

     Five LONG days since my back exploded and my world shrunk to the four walls of my bedroom. This is getting old. I forced myself out of bed and downstairs yesterday, thinking "this isn't so bad". Between the drugs and the rest "I'm getting better". ::insert Pollyanna whistling::
     Windex bottle in hand I cleaned the accumulated finger and nose and paw prints off the windows. Tom took down our curtains for a much needed and overdue washing. The walls were even nastier, so I scrubbed away the grime... while sitting on the steps. I'm not a complete idiot. Or am I?

     This morning I am in pain. No, not achey.... pain. It is radiating up into my shoulder and down through my legs. I'm in noonebetterspeaktomedon'taskmeforanything pain. Now I'm waiting for the drugs to kick back in and my world to become comfortably numb again. I am stupid.

At least my curtains are clean, right?

     In better news. We have a tutor. She is taking over my job as Learning Coach for Gabe for the next two weeks.

This is the song running through my head... over and over and over...

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