Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mom Guilt

Do you ever feel like one of your children gets more attention than the others? One that is more fun to shop with... slightly better at conversations... shares the same hobbies... appreciates your sense of humor...? ::shifty eyes::  Uhm.. yeah, no, of course not. Who does that??

OK, but, what if one is an AWESOME model compared to the others. Cause you know, it all comes down to the photos.

In other news, I might be narrowing down on the paint colors for my hall and living room.  I'm not totally helpless, I really like this blue for the living room... 

but I'm having the hardest time picking for the hall. Now is your chance to affect the lives of people you barely know... WHICH COLOR????
From bottom to top is Olympic Timeless Taupe, Valspar Celery Root and Valspar Pine Bark. Help me! You don't even want to know how long my walls have been multi-colored.

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